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HAPPY NYAH YEAR! (year of the tiger...get it???)

Hello and Happy New Year! 2021 sure was…something lol. Let hope for a better one this year.

Have you listened to Let There Be Us, an eroaudio based on the horror couple Kasady and Carnage? A must-get for any fan of the duo from the Venom 2 move...all 3 of you.

How about Stress Relief? Your ace roommate needs some relief and you got the strap to do it.

In other news, I have a Patreon that is filled with all kinds of New Year goodies. Goodies like my $1 Vanilla Extract tier that offers: all my public audios, RSS feed for easy on-the-go mobile listening, a discount for my Gumroad. There are of course higher tiers with even more benefits which you can check out for yourself.

Other Subscriptions I offer are my Substar, which offers exclusive content for cheaper and has a request tier, and my Gumroad membership, for people who don't care about rewards and just want the content.

And on to my final note...I have a website! I'll be using this website to host my socials, list services, as well as a place to update people on projects and casting calls.

Okay, that's all I had to say. Hope you guys have a great year!

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